Friday, December 19, 2008


Alright, i am the first to admit that my blog has hit an ALL TIME LOW!!!!! really, honestly I am blogging about shopping?? FOR THE LOVE, AM I THAT BORING?!?!?! i think i am just in a funk over here, but I got a new camera for my birthday, so maybe my blog will take a turn for the best. Until that time, I am going to add A LOT of pics (because I know that is what makes every blog reader happy) of cute puppies/kitties....because let's be honest, we all LOVE cutesie pictures.

anyway, i decided I needed to resurrect my EXPOSE FOR THE DAY column....

so here it is....

I am incredibly good at doing really stupid things...i mean REALLY stupid!!! I am surprised to this day that I am even alive at times....

case number one: while running in DC, i run into an unknown park area, run smack into a drug deal, and then hop into a strangers car who promises to take me to my hotel....HELLO?!?!?! how DUMB AM I?

case number two: while in a river running and safety course, i am riding in an inflatable kayak with another girl, i decide in the spur of the moment that I am strong enough to pull us both upstream against rapids and grab onto a rope held by a man on land. I fly out of the kayak only to have the rope wrap around my neck and strangle me under water....i am not lying...this is how dumb i really am...i seriously thought that i could pull my body, this other girls body, AND the boat against rapids? HAHAHAHHAHA

and finally case number three: while in the middle of the forest in france with climbing friends, we meet some random english guys who invite us to go "sleep in the forest" rather than in a hotel room. we decide this sounds like fun, wander into the woods with a bunch of strangers and SOMEHOW end up NOT BEING MURDERED OR ROBBED!!!!

so it is time i do a bit of evaluating....i am DUMB, it is pretty obvious when i actually had ten to fifteen of these incidents i could have written on here, and had to narrow it down to's hoping the next 26 years of my life are full of smarter decisions.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Luck be a lady....

During a second whirlwind trip to DC for a conference, I decided to do a little shopping.
Sometimes you know you are simply in the right place at the right time when you wander into one of the few United Colors of Benetton stores in the country and......everything is 50% off that day!

I usually have serious buyers remorse, but honestly man....i just can't feel guilty about that splurge.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

good bye slc.......


Mama is heading to capitol!!

One week in the nation's capitol is sounding more and more appealing, and luckily I have a reason to go. Mike is giving a talk at the international Neuroscience conference so I though I would throw on the ole cheerleader outfit and root him on!!! hahaha, ah not really, but i certainly threatened to quite a bit. anyway, I have a free place to stay, a bunch of free museums to see, and a nice boy to see them with...hopefully izzy wont have a nervous breakdown.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Right now I wish i had a kid because we all know kids are WAY cuter in costumes than sad, slightly pudgy adults....hahaha, well i guess i am not really sad, but if i had a kid, i think i would dress the little monster as an eighties rocker like the costume below (maybe the saddest thing about this pic is it wasnt even halloween, i was just trying to relive my childhood i guess).......aaaah, the many dreams I have for my unborn children (poor little darlings! i feel bad for them already)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running with a puppy

So my extremely rambunctious puppy has gotten me running every night just to wear her out. We are slowly building to 5-miles (read SLOWLY). Turns out though, nine month old puppies dont really want to run unless they are chasing things, eating things, trying to hop on bicycles, trying to jump on their owner, etc. etc. Fortunately I don't have to plan any sprints, izzy adds them in whenever she sees a cat/squirrel/car/person/stroller/dog/leaves blowing in the wind/anything moving. Hey at least I am running(and a lot faster with a dog dragging me)!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The most dangerous site on the web....

Hav you ever found a place so wonderful that the little kid in you tries to keep it a secret from everyone so it can be just yours.........i am fighting that little snot-nosed brat right now. wonderful

I am a terrible artist, but if there is one thing I LOVE it is collecting art. This is a database of "art stores" which are independent artists wanting to get their names out is genious because it provides a place for artists to sell/buy/and browse hundreds of thousands of other is like an art fair on wonderful thing is, since a lot of these are unknown artists, the prices are unbelievable!
if you end up enamored like i sure to say i referred you (robynmoore is my user name) i am hoping i get a little thank you or something from etsy.....they seem to be real people pleasers

happy shopping!!!

I had quite the time trying to decide on what pics to put up here...there are BILLIONS!! this purse won me over cuz it was $20 I love these earrings-plus about three hundred other pair....i just love the thought that these are one of a kind....and someone dreamed up these little danglers

I have never seen this is called a scarflette....i am pretty out of the loop, but i think this is adorable

And of course, someone out there HAD to make a mosaic of the TEXAS state flag.....weird....but i thought since i was so hard on texas the other day i would post this pic......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The girl in the window

Working in a children's hospital and for the local rape recovery center can be hard. You become amazed at some parents, and their inability to protect and in most cases their ability to hurt. I admire all you mothers and fathers out there. I know, from watching others, that being a parent is very hard, and that it can be very frustrating. I also know that this country does not provide very many outlets to struggling parents...this is why we have such a high rate of abuse...
but i do think parenting is perhaps the most important thing you can do, and doing it well is extremely underrated. So to all you parents out there, way to make the lifelong commitment to being good to your kids

This story really epitomizes what good parenting can do....and what bad parenting can do as well
try not to cry...i dare you!

Friday, August 1, 2008

how to keep yourself from losing all your friends.

So last night i am sitting at home with the boy eating dinner. Me with my spinach salad, and him with his entire pizza. Imagine first of all, for effect, how i am feeling about eating a spinach salad while he is devouring all of italy next to me. Then out of pure boy stupidity-i am certain that 95% of men do not think before they open there mouths-he says

"no matter what i do, i just cant put on any weight! it is terrible"

ok lets just think about it for one second.....almost half of this nation is overweight, and most of the other half works pretty hard to keep from getting overweight.....its about time people realized that phrases like this are not going to win you any all...point blank.

Now he is a man and, as i previously noted, stupid about what comes out of his mouth so i forgive him...but you have all been around the WOMEN who say the same thing! COME ON!!! we are reminded every day when you talk about how much you hate the gym and how you never go and how you are so glad that abercrombie now carries the 00 size cuz frankly, one zero isnt enough, you have to have two zeros to describe you (which doesnt make any sense at all, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a nothing as a measurement.....and zero squared still equals zero). but i swear to you when you open your mouth between bites of your extremely fattening whateverthehell you are eating to say how impossible it is to gain weight.....seventy five percent of the room wants to kill you. mainly because we havent eaten that way since we were ten....and if we even looked at a donut longingly again...we would have to go out and buy new jeans the next day.

so naturally skinny girls, honestly....we love to look at you, you look great and way to go lucking out on the gene pool there, but no one really wants to know about how you hate that you sometimes shop in the kids department.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Of all the cities......

My job is pretty awesome about letting me travel. So far I have gone to New Orleans and San Francisco, so when i heard a conference was on the horizon, i got pretty excited....

that is until i found out where i would be going.....

the lovely, the underappreciated


...DALLAS?? what is there is dallas?? I suppose the national network doesnt really care that i ( a lowly research coordinator) doesnt have dallas on her top 500 cities to visit before she dies.....or any texas city for that matter except austin...and san antonio (i swear to all my fellow dems, san antonio was an accident, i didnt even mean to go! although san antonio is kind of fun). but now the gov is spending a ridiculous amount of money to send me to dallas......yee hah!
and here i go again gripeing about free trips to exotic and exciting places like dallas.....i suppose it could be ummm.....hmmmmm......oklahoma city??

No but really, anyone know something cool to do in dallas?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

slowly moving into the 21st century

To all my devoted fans out there.....the whole three of them the time has arrived....NO LONGER am i that hippie friend who refuses to embrace technology with her compost piles, no TV, soy milk, and no internet!!! cross that last one off your list (guess i got a lot of work to do before i am officially not a liberal/hippie/ in complete and utter celebration of the world wide web entering my home....i spent the last hour on learning about all of madonna's indiscretions.....and i uploaded almost everything that has happened in the past few months in pics......prepare to be pic overloaded!!! YAY. of course i am lousy at the whole uploading here they are, in no particular order.

check out the two loves of my life!!!! izzy the dog, and michael the boy.

Izzy's first swim....and no, i did not name her after the terrible character on greys anatomy!!! NO TV PEOPLE!!!!!! she looks soggy, and she was not too happy that we threw her in!! but she got us back by eating four shoes.....all from different pairs....aaaah dogs
double arch in moab.....pretty special

mike and i, in the arch....tender moments right here for the WWW to see....i feel so open and vulnerable
DOG!! izzy is really good at a few things...eating things like candles and wood chips, and making old man noises in her sleep

people kept warning me a puppy is like a child(i know you moms are just laughing hysterically to that notion...but for me..this is HUGE)....although my puppy is only 7 months old...and she is already potty trained(how many of your babies can do that?!)....and i can lock her in the back yard for five hours and no one calls family services

she already knwos how to sit, shake, lay down, and strike a profile pose....ready for the dog park and the run way

remember when i told you all i waas going to mexico about seven months ago??! here is proof!

MT biking in S. utah with the boyfriend


Druid arch in canyonlands.....beautiful...just dont get lost like we did...turned 11 miles into 15...whoops

more druid being sappy-asses.....mike looks like a total schmoe

thats the end!!! turns out i really didnt have THAT many pics....i just dont really take that many pics to begin with...but hey now that i have the internet i will try to keep them coming

Friday, July 11, 2008

PARIS withdrawals

I know i know, when i write about how much i miss Paris on a regular basis it probably makes some of you want to throw up......i am SPOILED, I KNOW IT!!! but damn do i miss paris today........and most all days. I have started to speak french to my dog (that is right, i got a dog, pics to follow...i get the internet on tuesday!! YAY) and while speaking to me dog it makes me cry that my fluency is so terrible

anywho, today i remembered one of my favorite late night haunts......

This place "the foot of the pig" hahahah, is like Paris's Denny's equivalent. It is open all night, the waiters are awesome....and (unlike denny's) the food is amazing( unfortunately not as cheap either...but in paris money doesnt count right?)!!! Nothing in paris is actually open all night, so this was a regular hot spot for late night youngsters...

I had my first steak tartare here....that is raw beef people....i am just crazy like that!!! It was pretty good

Weird fact....there is also a pied du cochon in atlanta, the parisian owners opened one there when it got more popular...weird choice....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Expose for the day (no pics yet, i am a slacker)

I can think of about twenty people off hand who will be shocked by this post.....but this is my post of things i really dont like but pretend to cuz everyone else seems to think they are AWESOME.....and the biggest one i can think of is...

disney land! how sad for me huh?? i mean, it is OK...its just when i get surrounded by other peoples kids running around, i start to hyperventalate "where are you parents?? where are your parents?? anyone could just take you!!!!!" runs around in my head constantly. Then there are the really little ones you are afraid you may step everything is so expensive...i just want some water, thats all....its like an airport, water at disneyland costs more than a meal in the real world...

and! I know!!! what is WRONG with me???? it just seems like you never have the time you need in the place you want, plus then you are stuck on a boat with a BAJILLION people wanting to run around and play bingo and there is no room by the pool for relaxing unless you want to sit up front with the uber peppy/slightly scary cruise "host" singing to you.

speaking of co-worker (that one who wants to be everyone's best friend even though she is totally mean and devisive) came home from her cruise with those braids in her hair with beads on the end...and i have been biting my tongue not to be mean....but my blogging friends wont really lady, you are 55 years old...i know you want me to invite you and your whole family to hang out with my friends who are all less than half your age but the braids arent making you look any younger....ok now i am really mean...but she does stop by my desk on a regular basis to tell me my job is SOOOOO much easier/less important than hers (while she has tried to get my boss to fire me so she can take my job)......

and for those still is a really good expose for today. I definitely picked my nose at work today!! hahaha!!! that is RIGHT!! i admitted it....sometimes you just got to get the little bugger out and tissues arent around. that is the reward you get for making it to the end!

Ok, again negativity.....but then i think, well wait, this is good for everyone....because i will be one less person crowding the most wonderful place on earth and cruise ships.....yay for less crowds!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quick update

I have moved!!! which means i will soon be adding an addition to my life......a dog!!! WOOHOO!!! anyways, life has been busy busy busy, but soon i will have pics posted of mike's and my trip to moab for hiking and trip to st. george for mt. biking.

it may be awhile but i will get them up there. This next month brings weddings and trips as well, so hopefully lots of pics!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Expose for the day


I really do....if you can whisper sweet nothings of cell transport, force=mass*acceleration, or the way a carbon chain breaks down to make the essential buildin blocks of life....i am yours!!!!

with that said....this nerdy wonderful man is going on tour in the US FINALLLY!!!! its like my hearts desire to see the ingenious BECK in concert possibly may come true.....if i can figure out how to get to seattle or san fran in the fall.........

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ganglion Cyst

Anyone ever had one of these?

I have had one for years and i am finally getting it taken out and i am NERVOUS! I know, coming from someone who has had thousands of shots every year, i probably sound like a huge wuss....but this is my wrist! i am freaking out just a little bit. My appointment is next thursday, hopefully my doc wont slip up and cut a tendon or finger or my entire hand off.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do you know what your kids are watching???

OK, i know it already. Blogs are SO much more fun with kids on them.....I LOVE the cute things all your kids i am stealing a kid!!!! (well for my blog anyway!)

This is my nephew, who will remain nameless cuz i would feel weird putting any info about him online without my brother's permission. He was about four when this next conversation took place:

nephew: "mom, should we talk to our doctor?"

mom: "well, sure, we should always talk to our doctor"

nephew: "Yeah but shouldnt we talk to him immediately?"

mom:" hmmm......well i mean, that depends on if we are sick, if we are sick we should definitely talk to our doctor immediately"

nephew: "yes, but shouldnt we talk to our doctor immediately if we experience a rrrection that lasts more than four hours?"

Ok moms, daytime TV (probably the sesame street channel) taught my nephew the word erection.....what are you letting your kids watch?? hahahahah, just no moming expert, but i do think that story is HILARIOUS

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Expose for the day


I know...i know, you all love her....but i cannot even stand to hear her voice. Hate is a strong word....and it isnt even based off of her as a person. I haven't a clue what she is really like and she may be the mother theresa of movie-land, but in almost every movie she has ever done that I have been forced to see, i can quote my LEAST favorite line of know that stupid whiny line she says that is so completely stating the obvious. I feel bad for hating her, i think it is weird that i really cant stand her voice...but i do...i hate hate hate almost every movie she has starred in. I also hate that people think she is a "good actress"....she ONLY EVER PLAYS THE SAME ROLE EVERY TIME... anyway, enough of that, i could really go on for hours, and then i would move on to other actor/actresses i do not like at that "scientist" on jurassic park./.....BLAHhhCH!

I LOVE Cate Blanchett....everything about her...that should even out all the hate....

PS- i know, i am a mean person who is judging someone i dont even know and i am probably going to hell.....but i cant deny this any longer...i will not be a slave to drew's whiny/romantic comedy crap any longer

Monday, April 21, 2008

Expose for today

So, i was thinking....i blog stalk pretty much everyone i go to high school with. So if you arent on my friends list, blog stalking me....i am probably doing the exact same thing: here is a list...and please if you are reading your name on this list...let me know, because then i wont feel like such a loser....then again if no one responds...that is even sadder!! haha, oh well..warning...some of you i didnt even know in high school, so if you go private within a few days i will get the point. I decided not to put the current last names...there are some maiden names on there, so if there are like seven jessicas i am blog stalking, you all got lumped into one....

the danjanoviches (both of you girls, except stephanie who is now private...meany)






camie (well i used to, again private)






those are really just the ones i go and look at regularly(and i know i forgot a ton)......if you are reading this, i have probably read yours too!! though, if not....hey cool, i am being blog not the only one doing the stalking...drop me a note and i will blog stalk you as well!

Friday, April 18, 2008

You may be.....

You may be a GRANOLA if.... are considering buying this backpack, even though you dont have kids.....

ISNT IT CUTE?!?!? I was thinking, i have nieces and nephews right......they dont actually live near me, but i could take up babysitting. Dont worry, i have packs for my future dog too, so when we go backpacking, he can carry his own food! ( i dont own a dog yet, but soon)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expose for today

I decided to try and and do a little expose about myself (or those around me) once or twice a week which hopefully are embarassing/revealing/and/or humouress...just because it is good to get things out in the open.....

I pride myself on good movie favorites are things like Coen brothers films, royal tenenbaums, life is beautiful, last king of scotland, once, juno.....mainly indie films that are very dark, passionate, thought provoking, and well contrived...

this weekend while my boyfriend was away i rented high school musical two...and watched it TWICE!!!! i couldnt get enough, so i went and rented one the next day!!!! It was pretty embarrassing in the line at blockbuster with HS1 one day after i had rented HS2..... i dont care if i am way too old for him, but zac efron is such a dream boat i could DIE!!! (oh and HS2- WAY better than HS1). SUch a guilty pleasurel, but DAMN those tunes are catchy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


As many of my close friends will attest to, each year I would run away to a magical land called Diabetic camp.....I know it sounds cheesy, campy even (sorry i couldnt resist) but camp is the GREATEST place on earth. I used to cry for DAYS when i would come home from camp as a kid. Its not just that you are away from your parents, but you are with people who totally get the whole diabetes things, plus it is FUN!

At 18 they kick you out as a camper, but fortunately for me and all other perpetual kids, you can always volunteer. The past few years I have been lucky enough to be program director...specifically in charge of FUN.....

I cant help when the snow starts melting to start thinking about camp fires, skits, and pranks...I needed to dedicate a blog to it, cuz all i can think about is karoake night, the annual camp-wide waterfight, and late nights playing poker with the camp docs.

****WARNING**** some of these pics are SCARY! At camp, make-up and sometimes showering kind of fall by the be prepared, things may get ugly and may be inappropriate for children.

talia(my co-director) and My annual grape stuffing contest....i always lose....but i have been practicing so this is my year

karaoke night!

teaching Diabetics good skills (that is right, early morning yoga)

WATERFIGHT DAY!!!!! my absolute favorite especially the giant slip and slide

the camp sleeze (a dirty, messy relay race of sorts) yes, that is my real hair...took a couple of hours to get that back to normal

AHH camp songs

talia and i leading a song or two
The kids (cute little brats)...the reason we give upa week of work and any sort of sleep.....but we sure have fun doing it

And of course I have to give a schpeel about volunteering...if you have any talents (yoga, cheerleading, dancing, mt biking, ANYTHING) you feel you could contribute and would like to come to camp for a day....or the whole week visit this site and fill out an application:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adult job

So i now have an official adult job and it scares me!!  since this job is really just a job to fill the space between undergrad and med school it scares me even more....because i am supposed to make "contacts".  I honestly have to wear fancy clothes and call up docs from UCdavis and schmooz....but the good thing is....they pay for trips!!!!  February they flew me out to a conference in New Orleans....i stayed on bourbon st and canal....right in the thick of it....and tomorrow i am flying to san francisco for another conference .  As it turns out, docs dont like to stay in motel eight, so we are hitting up the Hiatt at peir 49.......Dont be haters y'all (ok i am WAY to white to pull that line off). 
I guess uncomfortable pants and pointy shoes are a small price to pay for an all expense trip to one of my favorite cities, right on the pier.