Friday, December 18, 2009


two more months.....and endless hours of watching just the promo

If you havent been to the Banff Film Festival, make sure this is your year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pick up line of the....week/month/year

I considered starting the pick up line of the week....but let's be honest, that may be a little egotistical of me to think that will happen on a weekly basis.

so here is my new section: PICK UP LINE OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR

Since i have just embarked on singledome, I am embracing it like a champ and trying to work my charm on the masses of single men in SLC...hahah, so far I have not been terribly successful, but i have received some humorous pick up lines and since many of my blog followers (or the two) are attached, i might as well humor you with a few lines.

Premise: my single buddy Katharine (tall leggy blonde runner/med school student....yeah guess who gets all the guys?) and I are pulling into piper down, a local sports pub. katharine and I do not have TV, so we come by this place often to watch the games. As we pull up we notice a gaggle of adorable men are outside smoking (damn smoking! it ruins so many adorable men). They notice us as well and as we exit the car we hear the following:

"Hey, you girls are a lot hotter than we thought you were"

thanks....i think??? I dont know if this was meant as a line or just a heads up like "hey dont worry you arent ugly" comment to make us feel better, or maybe just a warning that through the window of a car, we look terrible. It didnt get them too far, but katharine and i thought it was pretty funny.

I rate this pick up line a C..... not very creative, not very smooth, didn't illicit any sort of response, but made me smile for a few minutes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silly names for your kids.

I know I am going to post one of these and I will get an angry parent email one of these times, but i could not resist with this one. While at my job i see A LOT of kids names, and some are just outrageous. Here is my favorite for the week........are you ready for it?


Surprise is the name. Do you think this child was a planned pregnancy? Do you think anyone would believe she was a planned pregnancy. AAAAAH, Surprises can be good and bad :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

something new...

This year I am putting my skis back on! its been years since I have skied, I usually put my good old board Gertrude (yes she has a name, she is a lady afterall) to good use. But i decided in my spirit of change, to mix it up. So I ran to ski swap and picked up these beauties for 25$. thank you utah skiers who buy new skis every season and sell their olds for super cheap!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Back from the dead....

Hi loyal readers (the two of you out there)! It has been ages since I posted. I dont have much to write about, but i thought i would do a little updating.
Since March I have....

become single!! (ready to mingle?? maybe....)
gone to buenos below
moved (down the block)
started to get my masters in public health
bought a ski pass (YAY!)
bought a computer
been involved in a law suit
been pregnant (hahahah, jk, making sure you are paying attention)
gotten another piercing -this one is true
reacquainted myself with climbing - climbing and i had a brief falling out- we are good now!
taken up yoga
taken up swimming
ran in the snow - just this week!
met Korean gangsters (no lie)
got invited to a Korean Gangsters yacht party
ran into a famous Gucci model on the streets of argentina and swoooooned
got myself a gay Peruvian boyfriend- aaah, Ivan!
ate piranha- this thing still had its teeth!
ate the stomach of an unknown animal- it didnt kill me so that is good
ate blood sausage (Love it!)
ate sweet breads (SO GOOD)
ate my first oyster (also GOOD)
gave up my dog (sad but true....i lost her in the break up)
been happy- lots of drama has been surrounding my life for a while, but i must say i am happy!

Here are some Argentina pics. I went with my lovely sister and played with my friend, Davin. He has lived in Buenos Aires for the past five years and loves it there. He has a GREAT group of friends who are excellent at dancing all night long and making us sad non-spanish speakers feel at home. I am so glad I went, it was a great time. Buenos Aires is a very cool ecletic city with lots of old and new architecture. It feels a lot like Europe but is a lot cheaper. We ate like kings and ran around town for two weeks enjoying food, art, music, and dancing. I have to go back soon, and you all should go at least once.

Here we are at Evita's museum, those are her dresses in the background....we are making the "it is so sad Evita died of cancer" face. This is actually very sad, because she was a pretty awesome lady....the randomness of B.A. This is a very french building that looks like it has been chopped in half. the buildings around it are all shorter, and feel like dirty strip mall buildings.
This is my cute sis, Megs in La Boca. This is the touristy section of the city. Lots of tango, art, and color
Here we are in Tigre. You cant really see any of tigre, but it is essentially a city built on little rivers (almost like florence only more backwoodsy). You take a river taxi up and down the rivers and stop at whatever businesses you want to visit.
this is at the BA university. Its petals close at night!
downtown BA, where the yacht party was!! i didnt end up going, because i am pretty sure getting mixed up with Korean Mobsters is not the best idea. They seemed very nice to me, but apparently they kill people....hmmm
This is a famous bridge in BA by a famous European artist. I dont actually know his name, sad i know.....i do know he is famous though and i know that he wanted this bridge to represent a man and a woman in the act of making love......weird, i know, artists are weird.
this is my new place! It is very nice with exposed brick and a fancy new kitchen and hardwood floors. It is a definite upgrade.

I will try to be a little more present in my blogging....but i make this promise often and havent followed through too that i have the new computer, i have no excuses!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

MOAB (and too many pictures)

Last weekend, Mike and I went to moab so I could run the half marathon. We spent the three days afterward hiking around. Since I am much dumber than this blogger program and still forget to upload things in the correct order, here is our trip.....backward

Fiery Furnace

Our last hike was the Fiery Furnace in Arches. This was really cool! I would recommend it to anyone. You are literally in a maze of red-rock towers. Unfortunately it is incredibly easy to get lost so you have to go on a guided tour, but it is worth the extra planning. If you are a GPS guru you can buy a permit and head out on your own, but i would suggest the guided tour first. The above photo is also the fiery furnace as well.


The day after running the half, we decided to hike a 13-mile hike called Chesler park. This is in the needles district of canyonlands and is BEAUTIFUL!! it was truly spectacular the entire hike. At about mile nine, i decided to cut the hike short due to some pain in my feet. below are the gnarly blisters i discovered in the is gross i know, but this photo doesnt due my feet justice....i had about eight on each wonder I was hurting!!

little toadstools!

Climing through little crevices is honestly my favorite thing, it is always a surprise at the other side
its not hard to figure out why it is called Needles
pretty cool petroglyphs.....Mike thought they were fake until I pointed out to him that they were 20 ft off the ground....that is a lot of work for somone wanting the create fake petroglyphs

FINALLY the cars!! i was pretty happy to sit down-


This little hike we did right after the 1/2 was about four miles of flat so it was a good one to get my legs loosened up! It is tucked away down the colorado river...i dont even know where, but we were alone the whole hike which was nice.
I always make Mike take these pictures and he always gives me crap for you can tell by his little smirk!! i am such a sap!
there was a little spring the entire hike up
And finally the beginning of our trip...the half marathon! this is a beautiful race down the colorado is all red-rock and a lot of fun!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Expose for today.....

.....i share my bed with my dog!!!

I know, it is way gross, but honestly it was SO cute when she was a puppy....and now that she is sixty pounds and quite large, she is too spoiled to move off the look at that FACE!!! she has the puppy dog eyes down! Are any of you other dog owners guilty of this?? Or am I the only one with such a slobbery bed companion!

Oh and just in case you were wondering how izzy feels about her first she is devouring a snowball mid air.....apparently she approves