Friday, October 19, 2007

to Jamie- who still doesnt believe i ever studied abroad

This is the Cartier on Champs Elysee. I didnt really care that much but both of my roomates thought it was pretty cool
the twinkling Eiffel Tower.....we would gather here at night with friends and sit and talk
My personal favorite, Sacre Coure....this was a few blocks from my house
The stained gladd at Sante Chapel...the entire room was just stained glass windows....supposedly it housed the crown of thorns...but no one really knows because only the king was allowed inside (funny how that works out!)
This is my little bedroom window in our teeny apartment. I had the coolest window though...even though we were in the dirtiest part of the city, the wrought iron windows could not be beat!
This is the outside of the louvre. I would come here after class and wander. STudents in France get into the Louvre for free so it was always a good place to stop on the way home
My school was right next to this intersection. The Seine and Notre dame were right there. I would sit in that cafe and laugh at my rude waitor.
At Christmas they put together a ferris wheel at the intersection of the Louvre Gardens and the Champs Elysee. I wanted to ride it pretty badly but i didnt get the chance before i went home. That pointy thing in the distance is the Eiffel Tower.

Jamie, i decided to include some iconic french spots, and one with me in you didnt think i just downloaded them off the internet :) i promise i studied was the greatest time ever too! Once i get my computer up and running again i will post some more.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It seems like everyday i get more and more upset about the things going on in this world that we all seem to ignore. I know most of us have busy lives, but we all have food to eat and roofs over our heads. Even just wandering around the city i am moved to tears by the amount of people on the streets. These aren't just bums who are lazy and waste their money on booze. Just the other day I was at temple square and there was a man there whose arms had swollen to twice the normal size due to infection. it was obvious he was sick and thing that got me the most is that people not only did not feel it necessary to give him any money(that is fine if you can't afford it), but some flat out ignored him...He's a human too, others complained about there "religious experience" being ruined by beggars....take a lesson from Jesus people! Can you get more hypocritical...turn your religious experience into sincerely being Christ-like!!! I know I could give up a diet coke a day and easily pay that man five dollars...or at least take the time to hear him out and wish him luck as he is trying to overcome his trials.

mike and i walked past and i had to stop twice.....i have so much and this poor man had nothing. I asked mike what he thought might happen to that man. He told me what i already knew. "robyn, with that serious of an infection, he will probably die". I hope that his last thoughts aren't of people coming out of temple square complaining about how hard it is for them to see him there. I hope he thinks about the sister missionaries who gave him an apple and the elderly man who defied his wife and gave him change. I think most of all i hope people stop thinking about what a bother other people's suffering is, and think more about what Christ taught....we are all seriously blessed, and we all seem to think we deserve it more than others.....I dont think i want to stand up at the last day and have no excuse for not being charitable. Worse yet, I dont want to meet people like this man in the afterlife and have to apologize for being so close minded and self centered that i didn't have the time to even give him a friendly word of encouragement.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More of life

most of these are just silly random photos of me and my friends up in slc

me acting like climbing buddy

the lacrosse boys at 458....gotta love em

my bestest friend nicholas, and two hot chicks

Tom and I, acting weird.

its funny to see all your children and families, kind of makes my life seem really silly, but i love it anyway
Since a lot of you haven't seen me in years, i found some photos online (my pc is broken). they are a few years old of the camp I volunteer at each summer and of my study abroad. I also threw my cute neices and nephews (minus a few) in there as well.

This is a tiny little village where my friend Dionne and I had the best bread and chevre i have ever had. I call this my french love affair....because the food there was unbelievable!

Just goofing off in Barcelona

My lacrosse club at Diabetic camp...nothing scarier than a bunch of kids swinging sticks at each other

My little sister and I last christmas, destroying a gingerbread house....

My niece, outrageous personalities run in the family

My nephews...looking cool

I will try to get more current photos up there soon....

Monday, October 8, 2007


After YEARS of waiting, congrats to Mario Capecchi for winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. for those of you who are interested, he discovered how to knock out genes in mice in order to study diseases. So essentially, he has found a way to target all disease to specific genes making studying and curing those diseases a hell of a lot easier. he works in my building and I was lucky enough to have dinner with him a few years ago. the man is pretty impressive, especially considering his mother was taken by the gustapo when he was 4 and he lived on the streets until he was 7. can you imagine being homeless and alone at the age of seven?? anyway, he has a fascinating life story.