Thursday, September 2, 2010

blog re-vamp

I have debated what to do with this blog....if anything at all. After much debate, I decided to dedicate this blog to my new experiences- some interesting, some boring, some gross, some delicious- because this is how I currently view my life, as a collaboration of new experiences. So I will try to blog daily.....errr.....weekly, about one new experience I had.

today for the first time ever, I re-vamped the blog (boring i know, but still a first!). I was blown away with all the options. I didn't even have to download any tricky apps or anything.

Much more interestingly: Tomorrow, I am driving up to the lovely Payette Lake in Idaho to spend the weekend in McCall. No, this is not new, I have been lucky enough to spend a quite a few weekends at this paradise; however, I am meeting a boy there (that is right, A BOY!!!), and it will be my first time there with him. This boy is not quite a first, but he is kinda new. He shall hereto be referred to as "Portland". i will let you all guess where he is from.....

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Ashley said...

I often feel like what I do is not "blog-worthy" so I struggle to figure out what to write about. I love this idea though. I look forward to reading more.