Saturday, September 11, 2010

better late than never.....

my first boba tea (no relation to boba-fett)
I know, I know...three years late! But i picked up some of these funny jelly balls today at the Avenue's street fair. For those of you less in the know than I am (if you have been living under a rock) boba are fruity flavored tapioca balls thrown into a "tea". According to wiki- it originated in Taiwan. Considering some of the other inventions originating out of Asia, its not too surprising they came up with Boba tea.
review: it was tasty, but the balls really only added texture, not necessarily worth the extra dollar.....unless you really love floaties in your tea...i could go either way really. My main question is why? why put the balls in the tea to begin with? it doesnt really add any flavor or nutritional value. It originated in the 80s, as did other silly fads such as slap on bracelets and rubix cubes, i guess in that light "why" isnt really a question worth asking.

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Alicia Manning said...

Yay your alive! Oh how I wish I was in MaCall But now I am stuck in a desert and I must live under a rock because I have know idea what you were talking about or drinking.