Monday, March 8, 2010

today at work....

....i received this email:

Dear tenants and visitors to the Williams Building,

Building management has recently noticed unusual wildlife activities around the Williams Building property. Specifically several mountain lions have been sighted in and around the parking deck. Building management is working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with regard to this activity however we want to make you aware of the following guidelines from Wildlife Resources should you encounter a mountain lion when entering or leaving the facility:
  • Do not panic. Most lions will try to avoid confrontation.
  • Raise your arms to make yourself appear as large as possible. Lions prefer smaller prey.
  • Slowly back away. Never run and never turn your back toward the cougar. Yell at the lion and wave your arms as you back away.
  • Do not make direct eye contact. Lions perceive eye contact as aggressive behavior.
  • If you are attacked, fight back. Try to prevent the lion from getting behind you.

If you do notice a mountain lion on property, please notify building security/life safety at 801-587-8725.

no big deal really....but do i get worker's comp if i am mauled in the parking lot??


Sarah Taylor said...

That's way scary! Good luck with that!

Alicia Manning said...

Yes let me wave my arms, yelling at a mountain lion like a complete lunatic as I make direct eye contact, Seriously?!!!