Friday, May 9, 2008

Expose for the day


I really do....if you can whisper sweet nothings of cell transport, force=mass*acceleration, or the way a carbon chain breaks down to make the essential buildin blocks of life....i am yours!!!!

with that said....this nerdy wonderful man is going on tour in the US FINALLLY!!!! its like my hearts desire to see the ingenious BECK in concert possibly may come true.....if i can figure out how to get to seattle or san fran in the fall.........

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ganglion Cyst

Anyone ever had one of these?

I have had one for years and i am finally getting it taken out and i am NERVOUS! I know, coming from someone who has had thousands of shots every year, i probably sound like a huge wuss....but this is my wrist! i am freaking out just a little bit. My appointment is next thursday, hopefully my doc wont slip up and cut a tendon or finger or my entire hand off.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do you know what your kids are watching???

OK, i know it already. Blogs are SO much more fun with kids on them.....I LOVE the cute things all your kids i am stealing a kid!!!! (well for my blog anyway!)

This is my nephew, who will remain nameless cuz i would feel weird putting any info about him online without my brother's permission. He was about four when this next conversation took place:

nephew: "mom, should we talk to our doctor?"

mom: "well, sure, we should always talk to our doctor"

nephew: "Yeah but shouldnt we talk to him immediately?"

mom:" hmmm......well i mean, that depends on if we are sick, if we are sick we should definitely talk to our doctor immediately"

nephew: "yes, but shouldnt we talk to our doctor immediately if we experience a rrrection that lasts more than four hours?"

Ok moms, daytime TV (probably the sesame street channel) taught my nephew the word erection.....what are you letting your kids watch?? hahahahah, just no moming expert, but i do think that story is HILARIOUS

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Expose for the day


I know...i know, you all love her....but i cannot even stand to hear her voice. Hate is a strong word....and it isnt even based off of her as a person. I haven't a clue what she is really like and she may be the mother theresa of movie-land, but in almost every movie she has ever done that I have been forced to see, i can quote my LEAST favorite line of know that stupid whiny line she says that is so completely stating the obvious. I feel bad for hating her, i think it is weird that i really cant stand her voice...but i do...i hate hate hate almost every movie she has starred in. I also hate that people think she is a "good actress"....she ONLY EVER PLAYS THE SAME ROLE EVERY TIME... anyway, enough of that, i could really go on for hours, and then i would move on to other actor/actresses i do not like at that "scientist" on jurassic park./.....BLAHhhCH!

I LOVE Cate Blanchett....everything about her...that should even out all the hate....

PS- i know, i am a mean person who is judging someone i dont even know and i am probably going to hell.....but i cant deny this any longer...i will not be a slave to drew's whiny/romantic comedy crap any longer