Friday, December 18, 2009


two more months.....and endless hours of watching just the promo

If you havent been to the Banff Film Festival, make sure this is your year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pick up line of the....week/month/year

I considered starting the pick up line of the week....but let's be honest, that may be a little egotistical of me to think that will happen on a weekly basis.

so here is my new section: PICK UP LINE OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR

Since i have just embarked on singledome, I am embracing it like a champ and trying to work my charm on the masses of single men in SLC...hahah, so far I have not been terribly successful, but i have received some humorous pick up lines and since many of my blog followers (or the two) are attached, i might as well humor you with a few lines.

Premise: my single buddy Katharine (tall leggy blonde runner/med school student....yeah guess who gets all the guys?) and I are pulling into piper down, a local sports pub. katharine and I do not have TV, so we come by this place often to watch the games. As we pull up we notice a gaggle of adorable men are outside smoking (damn smoking! it ruins so many adorable men). They notice us as well and as we exit the car we hear the following:

"Hey, you girls are a lot hotter than we thought you were"

thanks....i think??? I dont know if this was meant as a line or just a heads up like "hey dont worry you arent ugly" comment to make us feel better, or maybe just a warning that through the window of a car, we look terrible. It didnt get them too far, but katharine and i thought it was pretty funny.

I rate this pick up line a C..... not very creative, not very smooth, didn't illicit any sort of response, but made me smile for a few minutes.