Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Expose for the day (no pics yet, i am a slacker)

I can think of about twenty people off hand who will be shocked by this post.....but this is my post of things i really dont like but pretend to cuz everyone else seems to think they are AWESOME.....and the biggest one i can think of is...

disney land! how sad for me huh?? i mean, it is OK...its just when i get surrounded by other peoples kids running around, i start to hyperventalate "where are you parents?? where are your parents?? anyone could just take you!!!!!" runs around in my head constantly. Then there are the really little ones you are afraid you may step on......plus everything is so expensive...i just want some water, thats all....its like an airport, water at disneyland costs more than a meal in the real world...

and next....cruises! I know!!! what is WRONG with me???? it just seems like you never have the time you need in the place you want, plus then you are stuck on a boat with a BAJILLION people wanting to run around and play bingo and there is no room by the pool for relaxing unless you want to sit up front with the uber peppy/slightly scary cruise "host" singing to you.

speaking of cruises....my co-worker (that one who wants to be everyone's best friend even though she is totally mean and devisive) came home from her cruise with those braids in her hair with beads on the end...and i have been biting my tongue not to be mean....but my blogging friends wont care....so really lady, you are 55 years old...i know you want me to invite you and your whole family to hang out with my friends who are all less than half your age but the braids arent making you look any younger....ok now i am really mean...but she does stop by my desk on a regular basis to tell me my job is SOOOOO much easier/less important than hers (while she has tried to get my boss to fire me so she can take my job)......

and for those still reading...here is a really good expose for today. I definitely picked my nose at work today!! hahaha!!! that is RIGHT!! i admitted it....sometimes you just got to get the little bugger out and tissues arent around. that is the reward you get for making it to the end!

Ok, again negativity.....but then i think, well wait, this is good for everyone....because i will be one less person crowding the most wonderful place on earth and cruise ships.....yay for less crowds!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quick update

I have moved!!! which means i will soon be adding an addition to my life......a dog!!! WOOHOO!!! anyways, life has been busy busy busy, but soon i will have pics posted of mike's and my trip to moab for hiking and trip to st. george for mt. biking.

it may be awhile but i will get them up there. This next month brings weddings and trips as well, so hopefully lots of pics!