Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Closet blogger!

For those of you who keep asking for pics, I am sorry! My computer is down and i would use Mike's but......i am a closet blogger! phew, it feels good to get that out into the open. It's not that I am ashamed...but as Mike puts it, whenever I am reading blogs "shouldnt you be reading text books?". Yes, i should be reading text books, right this very second I could be learning about the excitement of electron sharing in phenol rings (OH JOY), but instead I am wasting away, reading and creating blogs.

So there you have it, I am lieing to the man I love....daily, about my blogging habit. If he weren't working 12 hours a day to get his PhD, i might just come out and reveal my love of the blog-but i just can't quite muster up the courage.

And so dear friends, it will be a bit of time until i have some real up to date photos.

oh yeah, and if you happen to run into mike and I, i'd appreciate if we could keep this little secret just between us!

Friday, January 11, 2008

How you know your guy is prettier than you are......

....When every gay man you meet asks if he is single!!!

NO JOKE!!! my boy is so pretty that gay man don't care if he is straight, single, taken, married...they are determined to win him over!

Examples to support:

Mike and I go to vegas and wait for hours to get into club tao...which was way crowded and overpriced....but hey, you got to have that vegas experience I guess. While we were obviously very involved with each other dancing, A HUGE guy reaches into mike's pockets.....Thinking we are getting robbed, we both freeze!! Nope, this guy just wanted to let mike know that he was definitely digging him by reaching into his pants!!!!! ok, just to get things straight, if it were a chick, I sure as hell would defend my turf....but this guy was a monster!!! he grinned at me, waved his hand and skipped off!!!

This is the most extreme example of the men and women i have to fight off to keep my boy.....but this is exhausting, I have never had to fight with both sexes!!! I should have picked up an UGO, at least then I wont have to worry about EVERYONE hitting on him.