Saturday, March 28, 2009

MOAB (and too many pictures)

Last weekend, Mike and I went to moab so I could run the half marathon. We spent the three days afterward hiking around. Since I am much dumber than this blogger program and still forget to upload things in the correct order, here is our trip.....backward

Fiery Furnace

Our last hike was the Fiery Furnace in Arches. This was really cool! I would recommend it to anyone. You are literally in a maze of red-rock towers. Unfortunately it is incredibly easy to get lost so you have to go on a guided tour, but it is worth the extra planning. If you are a GPS guru you can buy a permit and head out on your own, but i would suggest the guided tour first. The above photo is also the fiery furnace as well.


The day after running the half, we decided to hike a 13-mile hike called Chesler park. This is in the needles district of canyonlands and is BEAUTIFUL!! it was truly spectacular the entire hike. At about mile nine, i decided to cut the hike short due to some pain in my feet. below are the gnarly blisters i discovered in the is gross i know, but this photo doesnt due my feet justice....i had about eight on each wonder I was hurting!!

little toadstools!

Climing through little crevices is honestly my favorite thing, it is always a surprise at the other side
its not hard to figure out why it is called Needles
pretty cool petroglyphs.....Mike thought they were fake until I pointed out to him that they were 20 ft off the ground....that is a lot of work for somone wanting the create fake petroglyphs

FINALLY the cars!! i was pretty happy to sit down-


This little hike we did right after the 1/2 was about four miles of flat so it was a good one to get my legs loosened up! It is tucked away down the colorado river...i dont even know where, but we were alone the whole hike which was nice.
I always make Mike take these pictures and he always gives me crap for you can tell by his little smirk!! i am such a sap!
there was a little spring the entire hike up
And finally the beginning of our trip...the half marathon! this is a beautiful race down the colorado is all red-rock and a lot of fun!