Thursday, August 14, 2008

The most dangerous site on the web....

Hav you ever found a place so wonderful that the little kid in you tries to keep it a secret from everyone so it can be just yours.........i am fighting that little snot-nosed brat right now. wonderful

I am a terrible artist, but if there is one thing I LOVE it is collecting art. This is a database of "art stores" which are independent artists wanting to get their names out is genious because it provides a place for artists to sell/buy/and browse hundreds of thousands of other is like an art fair on wonderful thing is, since a lot of these are unknown artists, the prices are unbelievable!
if you end up enamored like i sure to say i referred you (robynmoore is my user name) i am hoping i get a little thank you or something from etsy.....they seem to be real people pleasers

happy shopping!!!

I had quite the time trying to decide on what pics to put up here...there are BILLIONS!! this purse won me over cuz it was $20 I love these earrings-plus about three hundred other pair....i just love the thought that these are one of a kind....and someone dreamed up these little danglers

I have never seen this is called a scarflette....i am pretty out of the loop, but i think this is adorable

And of course, someone out there HAD to make a mosaic of the TEXAS state flag.....weird....but i thought since i was so hard on texas the other day i would post this pic......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The girl in the window

Working in a children's hospital and for the local rape recovery center can be hard. You become amazed at some parents, and their inability to protect and in most cases their ability to hurt. I admire all you mothers and fathers out there. I know, from watching others, that being a parent is very hard, and that it can be very frustrating. I also know that this country does not provide very many outlets to struggling parents...this is why we have such a high rate of abuse...
but i do think parenting is perhaps the most important thing you can do, and doing it well is extremely underrated. So to all you parents out there, way to make the lifelong commitment to being good to your kids

This story really epitomizes what good parenting can do....and what bad parenting can do as well
try not to cry...i dare you!

Friday, August 1, 2008

how to keep yourself from losing all your friends.

So last night i am sitting at home with the boy eating dinner. Me with my spinach salad, and him with his entire pizza. Imagine first of all, for effect, how i am feeling about eating a spinach salad while he is devouring all of italy next to me. Then out of pure boy stupidity-i am certain that 95% of men do not think before they open there mouths-he says

"no matter what i do, i just cant put on any weight! it is terrible"

ok lets just think about it for one second.....almost half of this nation is overweight, and most of the other half works pretty hard to keep from getting overweight.....its about time people realized that phrases like this are not going to win you any all...point blank.

Now he is a man and, as i previously noted, stupid about what comes out of his mouth so i forgive him...but you have all been around the WOMEN who say the same thing! COME ON!!! we are reminded every day when you talk about how much you hate the gym and how you never go and how you are so glad that abercrombie now carries the 00 size cuz frankly, one zero isnt enough, you have to have two zeros to describe you (which doesnt make any sense at all, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a nothing as a measurement.....and zero squared still equals zero). but i swear to you when you open your mouth between bites of your extremely fattening whateverthehell you are eating to say how impossible it is to gain weight.....seventy five percent of the room wants to kill you. mainly because we havent eaten that way since we were ten....and if we even looked at a donut longingly again...we would have to go out and buy new jeans the next day.

so naturally skinny girls, honestly....we love to look at you, you look great and way to go lucking out on the gene pool there, but no one really wants to know about how you hate that you sometimes shop in the kids department.