Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Of all the cities......

My job is pretty awesome about letting me travel. So far I have gone to New Orleans and San Francisco, so when i heard a conference was on the horizon, i got pretty excited....

that is until i found out where i would be going.....

the lovely, the underappreciated


...DALLAS?? what is there is dallas?? I suppose the national network doesnt really care that i ( a lowly research coordinator) doesnt have dallas on her top 500 cities to visit before she dies.....or any texas city for that matter except austin...and san antonio (i swear to all my fellow dems, san antonio was an accident, i didnt even mean to go! although san antonio is kind of fun). but now the gov is spending a ridiculous amount of money to send me to dallas......yee hah!
and here i go again gripeing about free trips to exotic and exciting places like dallas.....i suppose it could be worse........like ummm.....hmmmmm......oklahoma city??

No but really, anyone know something cool to do in dallas?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

slowly moving into the 21st century

To all my devoted fans out there.....the whole three of them the time has arrived....NO LONGER am i that hippie friend who refuses to embrace technology with her compost piles, no TV, soy milk, and no internet!!! cross that last one off your list (guess i got a lot of work to do before i am officially not a liberal/hippie/feminist.....anyway......so in complete and utter celebration of the world wide web entering my home....i spent the last hour on perezhilton.com learning about all of madonna's indiscretions.....and i uploaded almost everything that has happened in the past few months in pics......prepare to be pic overloaded!!! YAY. of course i am lousy at the whole uploading pics....so here they are, in no particular order.

check out the two loves of my life!!!! izzy the dog, and michael the boy.

Izzy's first swim....and no, i did not name her after the terrible character on greys anatomy!!! NO TV PEOPLE!!!!!! she looks soggy, and she was not too happy that we threw her in!! but she got us back by eating four shoes.....all from different pairs....aaaah dogs
double arch in moab.....pretty special

mike and i, in the arch....tender moments right here for the WWW to see....i feel so open and vulnerable
DOG!! izzy is really good at a few things...eating things like candles and wood chips, and making old man noises in her sleep

people kept warning me a puppy is like a child(i know you moms are just laughing hysterically to that notion...but for me..this is HUGE)....although my puppy is only 7 months old...and she is already potty trained(how many of your babies can do that?!)....and i can lock her in the back yard for five hours and no one calls family services

she already knwos how to sit, shake, lay down, and strike a profile pose....ready for the dog park and the run way

remember when i told you all i waas going to mexico about seven months ago??! here is proof!

MT biking in S. utah with the boyfriend


Druid arch in canyonlands.....beautiful...just dont get lost like we did...turned 11 miles into 15...whoops

more druid arch...us being sappy-asses.....mike looks like a total schmoe

thats the end!!! turns out i really didnt have THAT many pics....i just dont really take that many pics to begin with...but hey now that i have the internet i will try to keep them coming

Friday, July 11, 2008

PARIS withdrawals

I know i know, when i write about how much i miss Paris on a regular basis it probably makes some of you want to throw up......i am SPOILED, I KNOW IT!!! but damn do i miss paris today........and most all days. I have started to speak french to my dog (that is right, i got a dog, pics to follow...i get the internet on tuesday!! YAY) and while speaking to me dog it makes me cry that my fluency is so terrible

anywho, today i remembered one of my favorite late night haunts......

This place "the foot of the pig" hahahah, is like Paris's Denny's equivalent. It is open all night, the waiters are awesome....and (unlike denny's) the food is amazing( unfortunately not as cheap either...but in paris money doesnt count right?)!!! Nothing in paris is actually open all night, so this was a regular hot spot for late night youngsters...

I had my first steak tartare here....that is raw beef people....i am just crazy like that!!! It was pretty good

Weird fact....there is also a pied du cochon in atlanta, the parisian owners opened one there when it got more popular...weird choice....